Backing up your personal as well as church office computers is something you don’t want to sideline. While your church may utilize cloud-based, also known as web-based, church management software, you’re sure to have lots of other files and valuable church information that resides on your church computer hard drive.

Taking a moment to review and select a cloud backup option is a great way to ensure that your church data won’t be lost. You’d be up a creek come time to prepare that print bulletin if you’d lost the Publisher or Photoshop file. Your technical team would have to scramble if their worship slides weren’t available to prepare for Sunday services. Let’s not even think about what would happen if you lost your sermon notes. Backing up your on-site servers is most important.

Below are 5 online computer backup solutions to consider:


Carbonite offers personal cloud backup as well as business backup and server backup solutions. Carbonite’s all about simplicity: set it and forget it. You continue to work as you normally would, while we work in the background automatically and continuously backing up your new and changed files to the cloud. Plus, backup space is unlimited so you can rest assured your important files are protected.


For non-profits, data loss can be devastating. Documents like grant applications, charity event details, donor databases, financial statements to membership lists – everything is stored on your computer. Imagine losing them all in an instant. Rebounding from such data losses can not only be difficult, but really expensive as well.


Acronis business offerings provide exceptional, customizable backup and storage management solutions for any system setup: physical servers, virtual machines, PCs, business-critical applications, and more. As a world leader in data protection and system management, we offer a wide range of technological advantages.



Get your team, workgroup or organization in sync. Accelerate productivity and collaboration with the most powerful, flexible and secure cloud sync solution on the market.


Livedrive brings powerful online backup, cloud storage, collaboration and sharing features to your business. It’s easy to use making it suitable for everyone – from one man businesses up to larger enterprises.



If your church is already using one of these cloud backup solutions, which one are you using and how well is it working for your organization?