We’ve rounded up some great ideas to honor the men in your congregation. These creative Father’s Day videos, graphics and innovate ideas will make each dad feel appreciated by your efforts.

Fathers dance with their little girls’ feet over theirs. They play catch, drink pretend tea, read bedtime stories, and change diapers. They offer protection, instruction, and the occasional corny joke. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to express how much you value and appreciate the amazing dads in the congregation.

Most churches think first about offline and printed materials to produce. However, one way to host a Sunday service that celebrates the dads in your congregation is through the creative use of Father’s Day videos and graphics.

Here are 4 fresh ideas for creative Father’s Day videos and graphics for your church service:

#1 – Create a “Thanks, Dad!” Video

Consider creating a video to show the dad’s in your congregation how much they’re appreciated.

  • Shoot a video of Fathers in action (coaching sports, reading to their children, helping with homework, etc.).
  • Ask kids and moms to send in short video clips to say “Thanks, Dad!” or “I love my Dad because…”
  • Interview kids and teens and ask them to share their favorite things about their dad.

Show this video during Father’s Day services, email it out to all the dads in the congregation, post it on the church’s social media pages, and on the church website. Just make sure you get permission from parents to use the footage when you ask them to submit videos.

Church on the Move in Tulsa, Oklahoma created a special Father’s Day music video in 2010. Check it out here for some Father’s Day video inspiration:

They followed that up with a 2020 version:

#2 – Serve “Dad Food” on Father’s Day

If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then show Dad some love with some food.

  • Set up a coffee and donut bar especially for fathers
  • Make “bouquets” of beef jerky and hand them out to dads as they leave service
  • Host a church picnic and make sure the menu includes plenty of “dad-friendly” options (less salad, more meat…generally speaking)
Father's Day GrillPhoto by Zac Cain on Unsplash

For whichever option you choose, include one or more of the following:

  • Signage or banners with fun quotes about fatherhood.
  • A Happy Father’s Day card from the church for each dad in attendance.
  • Father’s Day themed cards that kids can decorate and give to their dad.

#3 – Display Pictures of Fathers In-Action

Find, take, or request pictures of dads within the church being awesome fathers. You could compile these into a slideshow to play before the service or print them out and create a collage to display in the church lobby.

  • Daddy – Daughter Dances
  • Asleep on the couch with a toddler
  • Playing with his kids
  • Pushing kids on a swingset
  • Teaching a son or daughter how to change a tire, wash the car, clean the gutters, etc.

#4 – Use Professional Father’s Day Videos or Graphics

If you don’t have the time or resources to create your own videos and graphics, don’t fret. There are several excellent options available at little or no cost.


This site includes church service graphics, PowerPoint slides for Father’s Day-themed sermons, announcement and sermon bumper videos, and more. These items are not available for individual purchase. You’ll need to purchase a membership plan to download the files.

Hyper Pixels Media

Here you can find a collection of videos to use as sermon illustrations or a special shout-out to all the Dads in the service. Each video cost $19.98 to download.

Faithlife Media

This resource includes graphics, service countdowns, photos, and many other graphic options. For $19.99 per month, you can download an unlimited number of files. If you search for “Father’s Day,” you’ll find a variety of graphics to use for Father’s Day services and events.

The Skit Guys

With several videos celebrating Dads, there are many to choose from to make Dad laugh and feel appreciated. Most videos cost less than $20 with streaming rights included.

WorshipHouse Media

You’ll find several Father’s Day options here as well (including some from The Skit Guys). Again, most videos cost less than $20 to purchase.


Life.Church’s Open Network has a ton of free resources, including items for Father’s Day. Use these for free or check them out to generate ideas for creating your own.

Igniter Media

Here you’ll find a collection of Father’s Day title graphics, backgrounds for worship slides, videos, and more. You can purchase these items individually or buy a membership.

Sermon Central

You can find several social media graphics, sermon slides, countdown videos, and more for your Father’s Day services. These are available for individual purchase (prices range from $1.99 to nearly $10) or with a membership.

There you have it! With your fresh take on these resources, every dad in your congregation will know he’s appreciated.