Navigating social media communication for your church is an ever-moving target. Just when you think you understand one network, that network makes significant changes. And when you think you’ve got your graphics designed well, they stop getting likes. We know you need church social media solutions.

With social media, new strategies are needed on a continual basis. Churches can’t keep doing the same thing year in and year out when it clearly isn’t working. Whether the church’s social media is handled by the pastor, the intern, or the veteran church communicator, staying current, relevant, and on top is a huge challenge.

Before we dive in, I’ll need to clarify what ‘done for you’ means. ‘Done for you’ in this context means that your content (graphics, Bible verses, quote images, memes, and some graphic videos) is being created by someone outside your church and provided to you. You’ll receive either completed files ready for posting, or files that can be customized if you so choose, or a combo of both. Also, there are several hybrid options below that provide content AND do some measure of the scheduling/posting to the church’s social media accounts.

Without further adieu, here are four ‘done for you’ church social media solutions (in alphabetical order):

#1 – Church Butler


Church Butler offers a full range of social media solutions including a low-end package that offers daily social graphics and videos done for you that your team can schedule on its own. They also offer the White Glove plan that includes Arlo, the company’s social media scheduling service plus daily graphics and videos. The most robust plan, Red Carpet, includes all of the above plus eight custom graphics each month and one infographic each year. This plan includes a higher level of customer support as well. Church Butler also has a private Facebook user group and is continually posting training videos to help churches understand and better use social media. The company is currently in beta on a new platform that offers scheduling posts from the Church Butler library (similar to Hootsuite and Buffer) including both date and time specific scheduling, and also year round-based scheduling (think Sundays at 9 am). Church Example:

Pricing: Silver Tray plan $20/month or $200/year. White Glove plan $250/month or $2250/year. Red Carpet plan $400/month or $4200/year.

[CTT Readers can use the promo code “churchtechtoday” for $1 for 20 days, and then 20% off after that.]

#2 – is a full-service church social media and website agency that offers strategy, content planning, graphics/video design, and posting/scheduling services to the church’s social media accounts. The company has developed a proprietary system that increases a church’s reach in the midst of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter’s ever-changing algorithms. After strategy planning sessions with the church, the team strategically designs custom content (graphics, videos, and thought-leadership quotes) based on the church’s needs. The company also offers custom WordPress website options to round out a church’s digital presence. They also offer community management services to handle Facebook Live chats and more.

Church Example:

Pricing: Starter package begins at $69/week, with a one-week free trial.


#2 – StoryTape by Pro Church Tools

This graphics plus social media plan comes with a huge amount bang for the buck. Every day, subscribers will get new video posts focused on stopping the scroll, after effects and Photoshop project files (for customization), all with pre-written captions. Churches will also get unlimited access to 16,000 4K video clips. StoryTape doesn’t help with the actual posting of the social posts, you’ll still have to do that using Buffer or your social scheduler of choice, but what you’ll get is some of the most innovative, well-designed graphics and videos with music aimed at gaining people’s attention in unique ways. A wealth of information, Pro Church Tools, founded by Brady Shearer, has an incredible podcast you’ll want to start listening to immediately.

Church Example:

Cost: One plan, $199/month or 20% off for paying annually. No free trial.


#3 – has perhaps the best collection of graphic images curated specifically for the Church. Images are grouped in categories such as encouragement, scripture, memes, song lyrics, and verse of the day, just to name a few. For one low monthly subscription price, churches can access an unlimited number of excellent images to share on their social media accounts. If your church wants access to videos, they’ll have to bump up to the $32/month plan that includes 24 motion graphics per year. With 2,200 images in their graphics library, the company produces 102 new social graphics each month and the verse of the day images mirror YouVersion’s calendar. All graphics are available in Spanish as well for no extra price. The company also provides suggested captions for images to help your church communication team.

Pricing: $9/month for unlimited JPGs. $19/month for Photoshop 4k image files. $32/month for PSD plus motion graphics.


#4 – Additional Options (video-only, bundles, apps, and downloads)

Stokhub – Unlimited Stock Video

Stokhub packs come with access to 11,000+ Clips, 1000+ added each month, 4k and 5K resolutions, shot on cinema cameras (RED/BMD), unlimited access 24/7. No download limits.

Pricing: Unlimited videos starting at $25/month with 14-day free trial.


Share Social – Brand Ambassador iOS App

Share Social works with for-profit businesses as well as churches and nonprofits. With a 14-day free trial, churches can test out their innovative distributed app model to social media management. Churches load their app with images, videos, text, and content and use Share Social to empower their ‘brand ambassadors’ to share on their own networks. This app together with one of the above unlimited graphics subscriptions can be just what your church needs.

Pricing: $13/month with 14-day free trial.


Done-For-You Social Media Assets for Christmas (Limited Time)

Grab the Social Media Christmas Bundle and you’ll have access to an incredible collection of high-quality creative assets that you can use immediately to promote your church’s Christmas events on social media + engage with your community in real-time.

Pricing: One-time payment of $27 for graphics bundle.


Some Additional Tools Worth Checking Out

Coschedule – Incredible tool for project management, content scheduling, and complete social media management.

Ripl – Super cool social media scheduling app for creating graphics, graphic videos, and text/graphic overlay videos with music to Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks.

Canva – User-friendly web-based graphics platform to create simple social graphics on your own.