With security becoming a more critical issue for churches all around the world, background checks for volunteers have become a part of  normal life for churches.

Just like any other organization, churches must deal with these issues to make their congregations safe. Now more than ever, it is absolutely critical for churches to perform background checks on anyone and everyone who volunteers—especially when it comes to children’s ministry.

Today, IconSystems church management software announced that they have  formed a partnership with SecureSearch pre-employment and volunteer screening services to make it simple for churches to obtain background information when recruiting staff and volunteers. 

For churches already using Icon Systems church software, the process is quite simple. First, the church must set up a SecureSearch account. Then SecureSearch and Icon Systems coordinate to connect the two systems together.

This partnership will enable churches to ensure that every volunteer is background checked in three simple steps:

Step 1.      Look up an individual’s name in IconCMO.

Step 2.      Click a button to send the individual’s information to SecureSearch.

Step 3.      Log in to SecureSearch to finish the profile and order the background check.

We work diligently to provide high levels of security that protect churches’ sensitive information,” comments Bill Gifford, president of Icon Systems, Inc. “Our integration with SecureSearch will further expand this safe environment and give peace of mind to not only the church staff, but the entire congregation.”

Churches can rely on SecureSearch as their trusted partner with the very important process of protecting those that are vulnerable,” says Steve Durie, founder, president and CEO of SecureSearch. “We never sell just a single package or a one-size-fits-all approach to screening those that work with children. Each staff member and volunteer needs to be viewed uniquely and holistically when it comes to an effective background screening policy.”

Both IconCMO and SecureSearch hope the integration between the two companies will help churches establish practices that ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with the church – especially children.

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