Pastors, church communicators, and church leaders need a reliable and efficient way to collect, organize, and manage church member data. This is data is vital for effective communications, volunteerism, fundraising, and more. A strong and easy to use church management software solution is a powerful tool that can help.

Today, there are many excellent ChMS solutions that offer churches a range of services at affordable prices. As churches begin to understand what services they need, they can identify which ChMS is right for them. Additional features and integrations are also offered that allow churches to scale their ChMS functionality as needed.

The infographic below presents the top 20 most popular ChMS solutions for 2018 and provides ranking data based on the number of users, members, and social media followers.

Here are the 20 most popular ChMS solutions for 2018:

  1. ACS Technologies
  2. ServantKeeper
  3. PowerChurch Software
  4. ParishSOFT
  5. Church Community Builder
  6. CCIS
  7. Church Windows
  8. ChurchTrac
  9. By the Book
  10. Shelby Systems
  11. Excellerate
  12. Fellowship One
  13. CDM Plus
  14. Elexio
  15. Elvanto
  16. Breeze ChMS
  17. Churchteams
  18. Donarius
  19. Ministry Tracker
  20. Faithful Steward

[Infographic published by Software Lab on March 27, 2018 via Capterra]