If you’re overwhelmed by the number of social media services and tools to manage said social media services, you’re not alone. It seems like new solutions crop up almost daily. It’s a changing landscape for sure. While we’ve blogged about many social media tools for church communicators, it’s great to share this infographic published originally by Kenny Jahng and team to give you a sense of what social media tools communications within the church are using.

What is your favorite management tool? Ours here at ChurchTechToday happens to be Coschedule. Coschedule is a fantastic all-inclusive publishing and social media management tool. It incorporates nearly all the social media accounts out there – we use it with Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more. It has a crazy amount of features and includes blogging/publishing together on one calendar with social media. It’s highly customizable and very efficient and effective. For church communicators who publish content on their church website or outreach blogs, it would be a great addition.

What is your favorite social media ministry tool?