While we love the warmer weather that summer brings, church leaders tend to dread a decrease in giving. More families on vacation lead to a drop in attendance and therefore, less giving. Thankfully, there are ways to increase summer giving and beat the summer giving slump.

In a 2019 study on charitable giving by Blackbaud Institute, faith-based donations decrease during the months of July, August, and September, hitting a yearly low of 6.6% in the month of September.

Your church may see a similar drop in giving over the summer months. While attendance might be lower over the summer,  you can still engage your givers with generosity.

1) Keep Your Church Engaged Before Summer

Establishing scheduled giving can be one of the best solutions to the summer giving slump. With scheduled giving, your church-goers can set up recurring weekly, twice monthly, or monthly gifts all done through a simple text message.

Reduce the strain on your church budget over the summer through recurring scheduled giving.  People may want to continue to give generously while they’re away during the summer, but the reality is, time goes by extremely fast in the summer months. Your church-goers rarely have the opportunity to go online and make a gift.

You can effectively invite your church-goers to practice generosity during the summer by helping them practically prepare for it.

One way to do that is to explain the scheduled giving option from the stage. Along with your regular communication on giving, give a quick walk-through of how to set up scheduled giving. This will ease the minds of church-goers who want to keep giving but don’t need another hassle to worry about.

With one text and a quick selection of frequency, giving can be set for the entire summer and beyond.

2) Physical Absence, Spiritual Presence

While you won’t have as many physical attendees during summer services, you’re still loving and leading them. Remind your congregation that they can watch services online from wherever they end up over the summer. Provide ways for them to give online or via a mobile app as well. Thank them for their commitment to generosity and explain how their financial gifts impact others.

This upcoming season may seem daunting but generosity will help spark something at your church. This generosity creates a lifestyle in which the foundation for God’s Kingdom can thrive in us.

Around 25% of churches had to cut their budgets in 2020, and many of them are still hurting in 2021. However there are strategies churches can apply to avoid the summer giving slump.

If you’re looking to explore more ways to encourage giving during the summer slump, check out this helpful video from the Faithlife Giving team:

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