Instagram has proven it’s one of the top social networks in the world and it isn’t going anywhere. Whether your church uses Instagram in its social media messaging and communication plans largely depends on your audience; churches with older members tend not to utilize Instagram as much as churches that serve younger people. That said, it is good to know what networks are out there and why they are popular. What are their positive qualities and how can they be used to further your church’s message as well as the Gospel?
ChurchTechToday has a free ebook on Instagram to offer you, should your church want to take advantage of this social network for your church marketing.

Here are a few facts about Instagram:

  • When Instagram hit its first million users milestone, Facebook had more than 600 million users.
  • Over 80% Of its users Live Outside The U.S.
  • 55% Of U.S. 18- To 29-Year-Olds Are Instagram Users
  • U.S. Adult Instagram Users Have Increased two times since 2012
  • 32% Of Instagram Users Attend/Attended College
  • 31% of female internet users are on the internet compared to only 21% of male internet users.
  • 32% of internet users in urban areas (cities) and 28% of internet users in suburban areas are its users
  • 4.2 Billion Likes per day
  • 95 Million + photos/Videos are shared every day
  • Over 40 Billion photos/videos have been shared so far.

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