Heading into the giving season, churches are looking for tools, techniques, and ways to achieve their donation goals and end the year in the black.

Leadership Network sat down with the number crunchers at MortarStone, which has analyzed more than $1.5 billion in personal church giving, and asked them to calculate various benchmarks. What they found provided very interesting results.

The following infographic, “How Can Big Data Increase Generosity in Your Church? 13 Vital Benchmarks to Assess Giving Potential” highlights 13 vital benchmarks that can help you assess your congregation’s giving potential.

Here are some interesting statistics from the infographic below:

  • #1 – 55% of new givers to your church will give a second time within a 12-month period.
  • #4 – 6% of trackable giving to your church’s general fund comes from new givers over the course of the year.
  • #7 – To get $1 million, you need 396 giving units.
  • #11 – 0.6% of new givers will give $10,000 or more to your church in the first year.

You might wonder how your own church compares. While each church is individual in its design and financial needs, getting a sense of what the average giving looks like might help you know how high to set the bar.

Below is the helpful infographic full of 13 vital benchmarks to increase generosity at your church.

How will your staff use these statistics to increase giving?