The Easter service is coming up on us fast and if you do not have the whole thing finished and polished, we want to give you guys some great Easter resources to make your service that much better. Here are 10 resources that will cover all parts of your church’s Easter Sunday service, including free motion graphics, small groups to watch the streaming sermon, mini movies to help lead into your sermon, and more.

1) Easter Graphics
Lightstock has a great assortment of Easter graphics that can be a great cost-effective edition to your Easter church marketing.

2) 10 Free Easter Devotions
YM360 has great stuff in their store, but they are giving away their Easter devotions that you should use if you do not have one for this year.

3) Easter Video Mini Movie
Normally the Skit Guys do amazing youth ministry videos, this one is perfect for any age of people and the perfect lead into a great Easter sermon.

4) 30 Easter Outreach Ideas
For most churches, Easter is as much about celebrating Jesus’ resurrection as it is reaching new visitors effectively. Here are some outreach ideas to do on Sunday even better.

5) Stream Your Church’s Service Via Small Group
A great idea to encourage members to do small groups and watch the sermon via a streaming feed. Need to set one up? Here are some ideas.

6) Easter Marketing #QuickWin from
Ryan Holck of RAD Ideas has a great series of helps on how to market effectively for Easter services.

7) Easter Banners
Themed banners can provide interest and engagement as you build interest for Easter services. If you haven’t displayed any Easter-themed banners, now is a good time to get started.

8) Social Media Timeline Cover Photos
If you have a Facebook and/or Google+ page, consider using these six free cover photos.

9) Easter Graphic And Movie Packs
For those that would like to get a great countdown video, mini movie, set of motion graphics, or static backgrounds to take your worship service from good to great, here is your one-stop shop.

10) Twitter’s Take On Easter
Today, just as 2,000 years ago, the gospel asks a question that demands an answer: Will we follow? A great sermon lead-in.